Why Choose MV3D?

MV3D Saves You A Lot Of Work

Making any game is a lot of work actually. There's tons of design, art, coding, and marketing that goes into any game project. Add in the complexities of an online game, and the time required to complete the project is immense. MV3D can step in here and save your team thousands of hours of work if you leverage the time we've spent over the last 10 plus years. With MV3D, you get to actually make your game, not spend endless hours making the framework to support your game.

MV3D is Flexible

Since there's no game logic in MV3D, what you create with it is open ended. You won't be limited by what we think is the perfect combat/inventory/quest system. MV3D will be providing example code for those systems eventually to get you started, but there's no need to use it.

MV3D offers a plugin system to support various features. Choice of 3D Renderer is a plugin. Choice of Physics engine will soon be a plugin. At the core of the system is the Conductor which is essentially a holder for plugins (services). The same Conductor is used with different configurations on the server, client, and all the tools. With a well defined API, it's easy to add new services or support new renderers.

MV3D is Scalable

Writing scalable systems is hard. For websites, there's a fairly standard approach, but MMORPGs and virtual worlds aren't mature enough to have developed a single best way of scaling yet. Plus, a lot of the direction for scaling is dictated by the specifics of your game. MV3D provides both horizontal and vertical scalability in a flexible fashion. MV3D's servers support load balancing and redundancy at all levels to give your users a reliable and smooth experience at all times.

MV3D Virtually Expands Your Team

MV3D has a growing community of contributors and users. Everyone's contributions to MV3D help everyone else, and it truly is a one big team even if we are all working on our own projects. In our chat room, you can often find people with experience working on AAA MMORPG teams who are happy to answer questions and help you work through any problems.

MV3D Gives You Fast Iteration

From the collaborative world building tools to the use of Python for the server and client, MV3D gives you instant feedback for your changes. Our goal is getting you from design to implementation to iteration as fast as possible.

MV3D Makes Adding Content Easy

MV3D's toolchain is designed to support modular content from the ground up. This means that if you plan your assets well, you can reuse them in many places to speed up world building. MV3D also provides a growing set of free to use assets on their servers.